Bee-ing Informed About Bees

Hey guys!

Matt here. I know we did a lot of buzz-worthy puns on the last podcast (Boom), but we mentioned some things in the podcast that you can watch on the internet.

First off, here is one of the most horrifyingly awesome things that you will ever see. Watch wasps murder the hell out of some bees. The hive is destroyed. To learn more about the wasps, here is the wikipedia.

To know more about the bee group hug of death, go here and look under supersedure. The bear hug of death is done so that they can replace the queen in her old age.

Of course, this being wikipedia, they have an article on the effects of toxic chemicals on bees. The first intoxicant that they list is, of course, alcohol.

Anyway, if you have more bee-search for us to add, please leave a comment. Also, please kill me so I can stop making these puns.


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