Looking back at the abyss that is you, Internet

Search Views
animal news the podcast 5
bee puns in the news 3
animated animals 2
meme owl 2
animal news podcast 2
matt butler animal podcast 1
https://animalnewsthepodcast.wordpress.com/2011/08/01/bee-ing-informed-about-bees/ 1
bee puns news 1
owl smizing 1
animal extras hipster owl and falconry 1
falcon hipster 1
bee puns 1
falconry podcast 1
birds with expressions 1
owls send animal 1

This might become a regular feature on the site, but I wanted to share this with you. This is our current search terms that people have arrived at the site from.

Interestingly, the most hit upon podcast/post was the falconry one, with a total of ten searches that lead back.  My personal favorite of these is ‘owl smizing’ just because I am so thankful that our site now has that as a linked search term.  However, what the fuck does ‘owls send animal’ mean?  I don’t even.  Does it mean that owls send animals through the mail?  Why is owls plural and animal singular?  Are a gang of owls sending single animals places?  Are the animals like the low level newspaper boy who works for the gang, reporting on the whereabouts of the delicous mice.

Eight of the hits are just for our podcast generally.  Big ups to whomever remembered my name and searched for ‘matt butler animal podcast’ which was my personal working title, because I’m an egomaniac.  That was until I realized that associating my name with a podcast that prominently featured Mr. Hands in it’s second episode might somehow reflect negatively on my person.

The bees are next with six hits.  Apparently, there is a deep well of desire to find bee puns, and since we are bee-ing overwhelmed with them at the moment, they are ob-bee-ously popular.  I thought I was out, but they pulled me back in.

Anyway, I was just looking through the site stats and thought that this was somewhat interesting.  The challenge is, next month, who will come through with a big google find of us, that is both disturbing and probably gross.  I’m guessing searching ‘disturbing and gross animal podcast’ pretty soon will hit a jackpot.


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