Well, we’ve got trouble…

Hey everybody!

I’ve got a huge question for you. It’s animal related, so you can answer it honestly. If you had the ability and the time to ask a zoo employee any question, what would you ask?

The reason I ask is because I am going to the Baltimore Zoo on Monday to do an interview for the podcast.  I have a half an hour of time, and I figured having some interesting questions from the listeners would make it more listenable, since I would just ask how cool their job was over and over.

Thanks! Comment below!



5 comments on “Well, we’ve got trouble…

  1. What, in their opinion, is the cutest animal baby? What animal makes the smelliest poo? What is the strangest thing they’ve ever caught a visitor doing to/with the animals? Also are you in the US? Cause I just moved down to MD and we just got a house in Eastport. There shall prolly be a house party in the near future which you should come to if you possibly can.

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