Animal Extras: Narwhal Art

Look around your place. Chances are you don’t have a single narwhal related item or you certainly don’t have enough. And why not? Narwhals aren’t just great sources for vitamin C, they make for neat art subjects.

I tried to find every kind of cool thing I would want in my Narwhal shrine and came up with this list of nifty stuff.

A Narwhal Wallet or Narwhallet. This image introduces the bizarre theory of unicorns operating inside the whales.

I just like the lines here. I want this as a sign outside my office.

I'm not sure why I'd want a stuffed, dead eyed narwhal mouth agape in eternal horror...but I do.

'Yeah it's a narwhal, you've probably never heard of it' she thought hipsterly.

And just in case you weren’t sure whether narhwals were the “monocled hipsters of the whales”, there’s this.

This is pretty awesome.

I've found quite a few ridiculous hats and this is my favorite though I lack an occasion to wear it.

Narwhal chair with chairs of lesser creatures.

And last but not least, a depiction of actual ocean life.

Simple yet poignant.


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