Podcast: Baby Bird Vomit, Tycho’s Moose, and Getting Blitzed

So, here’s the lowdown on this cast:

Some insects can jump high and run fast and cutely nomnom carrots. But we’re not impressed. But maybe if they had eyestalks or a badass lion’s mane…even Sherlock Holmes would be impressed.

Insects are ok but they don’t really know how to crew up for a day-long bender like a lushy moose. No one knows this better than Per Johansson and Tycho Brahe. Moose/Elk/Red Stag/Whatever, keep your shit together, don’t you know how this ends?  Fanged deer will hunt you down, dig your grave and maybe a car will run you both down. Maybe we use the podcast as therapy for long history of vehicular cervicide for both us and Kristin’s dad.

Animal News is talking about drinking and getting drunk tonight.

Enjoy it.

“I know what it is to eat a carrot.” says Jake matter-of-factly.

“Rabbits don’t have souls.” says Kristin accusingly.

“Where was his drunk moose wingman?” says Matt bafflingly.


4 comments on “Podcast: Baby Bird Vomit, Tycho’s Moose, and Getting Blitzed

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