Deeraholics Anomalous

In a recent codpast, we discussed a couple of moose (a.k.a. elk) with drinking problems and heavily implied that a certain red-nosed reindeer (a.k.a. caribou) had a cocaine addiction.

History and photographic evidence tell us that we were right about the moose and booze:


The cocaine claim was, however, somewhat dubious. A quick Google™ search turned up nothing about deer doing coke.

So Rudolph probably isn’t on blow. But that doesn’t mean he’d pass a drug test. A favorite food of reindeer is fly agaric, (a.k.a. “magic mushrooms.”) That’s right, reindeer eat hallucinogenic mushrooms. We aren’t sure if they experience any of the psychotropic effects that people do when we… er… they eat ‘shrooms, but we are sure of one thing: visions of flying reindeer delivering Christmas joy seems a bit spacey. Even the people at the BBC think so.


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