The State of The Podcast

Hello readers, listeners, and friends!

If you’re reading this, we’ve probably just passed some important milestones.  I just wanted to talk to you guys for a minute, and hopefully let you know how the podcast is going.  First off, a little look back.

About nine months ago, the idea came into my head that Kristin and I should do a podcast.  We had been talking on the phone, and Kristin, as usual, was making me laugh.  I had been listening to a lot of The Nerdist, Sklarbro Country, WTF with Marc Maron, and Comedy Bang Bang.  I thought that Kristin and I had some good chemistry, and could look at things an interesting way.

It seemed that for months, Kristin and I would talk about animal news every time we were on the phone.  We started just talking about doing a podcast, calling it Animal News, and having silly conversations about animals.  The first time that she made me die laughing, I knew that we would have to do it at some point.

At first, I thought that it would just be Kristin and I on the podcast.  We were looking to emulate our conversations, but once we mentioned it to Jake, he came up immediately with “This Week In Animal History” and I knew that he had to be on the podcast.  We started putting stuff together for our first show, I started dragging stuff together to record us, and we set a date.

In July, our first episode was made.  It was way too long, but we didn’t know how long the show needed to be.  Listening to it now, I understand that we should have stopped ourselves a little earlier, we didn’t have enough to fill up the time, and I caused it to be too long.  This is a theme of the podcast, I go on and on, and Kristin and Jake try to wrap it up.

After our first episode, I got in contact with Sound Cloud, an internet audio hosting site.  They were trying out a beta for podcasters, and allowed me to get into it.  If they had not provided us hosting, we would be unable to bring the podcast to you every week.  We sincerely appreciate their help.  If you do anything with audio online, please consider supporting them.  They are amazing.

Over the last six months, we’ve had around 1000 listens to our podcast.  We have had 3000 page views on this blog.  I got to interview a Zookeeper, have my family on the podcast, go to Jeju-do, see lots of things, and talk about my experiences with animals.  I’ve been able to do this with two of my best friends in the world, and there is nothing better than that.  It’s been awesome so far.

We’re celebrating our six month anniversary on the podcast this week, but we are also looking forward to the next six months.  I just wanted to share with you some of the things we are looking to in the next six months.

  • Continue putting out a podcast every week.  Without fail.
  • Keep making the podcast more and more relevant, making it more timely and more entertaining
  • Get more guests, and have more guests return to talk about animals on the podcast
  • Try to get more expert interviews
  • Work on our website, to bring better and better content to you
  • Continue growing, getting more listeners and readers
  • Connect with our listeners and readers more

So, with those goals in mind.  I wanted to say thank you.  Thank you for listening to our podcast and reading our blog.  Thank you for sharing it on facebook.  Thank you for making the effort to seek out new things.  I also want to say thank you to Kristin and Jake for doing incredible work on the podcast, and making this website fun and entertaining to be on.

I’ll talk to you guys again in six months.  As we grow, I hope you’ll keep following us, and I hope we can get you involved more.

Once again,  thank you.


P.S.  just in case you were wondering.

بيض خلد الماء

is how you write platypus eggs in Arabic.



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