See, it's funny cause I mixed up the two of them.

In Memorium: Harvey Dent, Cat, 2012-2012

Harvey Dent – 2012-2012

We Hardly Knew Ye, Harvey.

This week, we are sad to report that Harvey Dent, cat, is dead.  Harvey was taken from us far too young, and we wish him well on his way.

Harvey was born to his mother, a cat, and showed signs of being a cat most of his life.  When he was born, he had four legs, four eyes, two noses, two mouths and two distinct faces.  His mother, being a fan of comic books, and irony, named him Harvey Dent.

Over Harvey’s short life, he rose through the ranks as, first, an Internal Affairs Lawyer, moving up to the Attorney General of the greater Gotham City area.  Tragically, he was severely burned and lost half of his face, and some say, half his mind.  As a cat, he enjoyed his mothers milk.  He was known also by his less loved nickname, Two Face, tragically applied before he literally had two faces.  Which was always, because he was a cat, that was born with two faces.

Mr. Dent will be missed.  He was known for his two faces, but he was so much more.  He was called an abomination, and, because he was black, was discriminated against as a cat.  He brought good luck to his friends, and bad luck to those whose path he crossed, unless they turned around three times and spat over their shoulder, or were Batman.

Rest in Peace, Harvey.

See, it's funny cause I mixed up the two of them.

Harvey, finally captured by Catwoman, struggles.


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