Friday Night Creature Features: Lake Placid

Well, does it?

Remind Anyone of Anything?

Hello again from the Friday Night Creature Feature control center.  I knew that we would be getting to this at some point, but I didn’t know it would be so soon!

Lake Placid is a movie about a young coach who selects a hockey team without tryouts, leads them all the way to the Olympic semifinals in 1980, and the upstart team is eventually eaten by a crocodile.

Now, we have talked about the differences between crocodiles and alligators on the podcast before, but a quick refresher course is in order.  The insane creature in this movie is a crocodile, while Gator is a movie with Burt Reynolds.

Well, I know what you are all clamoring for: the Betty White scene.

Yes, tell him to suck your dick, Betty White.  You make sure he knows that you are an awesome old lady who tells people to blow you.

And this is why it is not Jaws.  Yes, the person responsible for the 30 foot crocodile in Michael Kane Lake, who apparently fed it on “scraps” to it’s current size, is a 50 something old lady who couldn’t be sweeter.

We should name all our lakes after him. Even the misspelled ones.

You know what though, I am delighted she is in this movie.  Betty White is the only person who seems to be having any fun in the movie.  Bill Pullman is a jerk cop, oh, I’m sorry, “game officer”, and Brendan Gleeson is woefully underused as a jerk cop.  Bridget Fonda, Paleontologist is given nothing to do, and Oliver Platt, who I love in movies, is just a bundle of eccentricity.  It’s just weird that a cast of really good actors were directed to be as bland and unfun as possible.

However, the real star of this movie, as with any good monster movie, is the monster.  The crocodile in question is effing huge, and they use it well, to make the scares somewhat effective.  Also, it eats a bear.

I can’t sell this movie on anything but it’s flawed silliness. If you enjoy silly movies, which have some okay effects and a bunch of jerk characters, you can really get into it.  If you don’t, this feature is going to get brutal for you.

Anyway, Lake Placid gets 3 and a half crocodiles out of six, mainly on the strength of eating a bear.  Enjoy your Friday night!



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