Tuesday Video Lunch: Bill’s Balls

Well, I am absolutely livid with the Smithsonian Natural History Museum youtube channel. I poured my heart and soul into this week’s Video Lunch and they had the nerve to disable embedding! If that doesn’t make you angry enough to boycott the Smithsonian entirely, you can see the video I was going to post on youtube. My post was going to be awesome. It was all about how flesh-eating beetles are used to clean all of the remaining tissue off of skeletons for exhibition in the museum; hundreds of thousands of beetles living in a closet doing a job that is too delicate (and disgusting) for humans to handle. But they went and ruined it with their “rules.”

So, I’ve slapped something together about Bill Shatner.

If you listened to the most recent episode of our award winning* podcast, you know that Koko, the famous sign language using gorilla, is a pervert. Aside from a sexual harassment lawsuit related to her “nipple fetish”, she also had an encounter with Star Trek star William Shatner. Let’s hear the story in his own words, shall we? Wait, is that Eddie Izzard at the 37 second mark?


*The podcast has not won any awards, literal or figurative, real or imaginary.


One comment on “Tuesday Video Lunch: Bill’s Balls

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