Pterosaurs are Pteriffying

One hundred and twenty million years ago, while any just diety was presumably laying his/her/it/uncomprehending malevolent force’s/bob’s head down for a quick nap, an amazing animal was roaming present day China.  This was the day of the pterosaur, and that day was presumably terrifying.  Check out these nashers.

Big Heads Up to io9 and Wired for the picture.

We here at the blogcast would like to point out some potential thoughts that you should have when viewing this picture.  Any of these thoughts are valid, and should be reviewed within your soul at your leisure.

  • Why does that Skull have a crazy person beard?
  • Wait, those are teeth?
  • Holy shit, they’re worse than British people’s teeth!
  • I mean, come on.  How big could they really be?
  • Two inch long teeth?  The head is 15 inches long?  AHHH!
  • :Terrified Pants Shitting:

We try to produce factual materials on the blogcast site to please your eyes, so, with that in mind, I will present what I think a bite from the pterosaur pictured above would look like, as you looked down your body at the mangled mass it has become.  Please enjoy.

If it weren't gross, it wouldn't be ANTP.


One comment on “Pterosaurs are Pteriffying

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