NEWS: Kristin Hears About Awesome One-Eyed Bullfighter, Gets Complex Feelings About Bullfights

Guess who’s back in the game, guys? It’s Matador Juan Jose Padilla, that guy who got gored through the eye 5 months ago (You really want to see the pictures? Really?)

I hate to say it, but he looks better than ever.

Er.. he figuratively looks better. Um, I mean he looks like he's doing a good job and his style is quite lovely. His depth perception is probably really wonky...I'll just stop now.

As far as human interest pieces go, I particularly enjoy stories where an individual loses to an animal in a fairly predictable way (note: tame ≠ domesticate) then” brazenly” places himself or, less likely, herself right back in the precarious situation usually minus a critical organ. As a pretty risk-averse person, I can really only read these exciting stories knowing I’ll never be …let’s say ‘brave’ enough to take up a career or hobby with bat-shit crazy, wild animals.

And here I am in Spain, with ample opportunity to witness such insanity in person at an actual bullfighting stadium and I just can’t get myself to go. Because it’s one thing to support sports where the occasional show horse gets rowdy or the occasional shark pops up  and a whole ‘nother to actively, purposefully aggravate the animal.

A few podcasts back, Matt and I discussed a Crocodile Baiting show we saw in Thailand that really didn’t jive with us. Animals tamed to put on a show for us seems insensitive to the animals who have better things they’d rather be doing and insulting to the viewers who should know that animals don’t have to interact with people to be awesome.

Yet, now I’m encountering some cognitive dissonance when it comes to distinguishing these kinds of performing-sporting activities. I really enjoyed watching the Sardine Dances at a Korean aquarium but the sea lion bit was too far. Elephants painting seems contrived but neat, but I’m totally over circuses. I would never go to a rodeo but the longer I’m here in Sevilla, the more I feel like I have to see a bullfight or equestrian show of some sort. Perhaps I don’t want to see a show that can go wrong or maybe stupid animals doing tricks won’t keep me up at night.

Hm, I’m perusing the Spain tourism sites, the bullfighting schedules…stay tuned.






2 comments on “NEWS: Kristin Hears About Awesome One-Eyed Bullfighter, Gets Complex Feelings About Bullfights

  1. If there is any justice he will soon be known as the ‘no eyed “Bullfighter”. He is nothing more than a greasy, dirty, animal abusing wimp PERIOD.

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