Friday Night Creature Feature: Gorgo

Have I got a better stupid monster movie than Godzilla 1998? Hell yes I do!

Welcome to another Friday Night Creature Feature!  Today we have the classic monster movie Gorgo.  Well, classic because it is old.  Not really because it is good.  Actually it is pretty brutally bad.  It has major plot … let’s be nice and say inconsistencies.  It’s acting is fine but dumb.  It’s plot is shamelessly ripped off from King Kong, and it’s monster is shamelessly ripped off from Godzilla.  Why would I tell you to watch this movie at all with all of these problems, you say? Here’s three good reasons.

Your new gods.

From time to time, we will feature the work of these three luminaries on the Friday Night Creature Feature.  That is because they are the ones who got me into terrible and great movies more than any other influence in my life (Mom.).  Yes, the reason Gorgo is great is because of Mike, Tom and Crow.  Let’s watch a little bit of why they make this movie hilarious.

Yes, in the middle of the movie, they did a Waiting for Godot parody.  This is just the kind of insanity that makes me happy with life.

Look, the movie is mediocre, for the most part it will disappoint you, but seriously, you need to watch the MST3K episode.

So here, watch it.

This has been Friday Night Creature Features.  Signing out!  Keep circulating the tapes!


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