Tuesday Video Lunch: Drugs For Lunch

For this week’s Video Lunch, we are having a heaping helping of illicit drugs. Yummy! Before we get into the animals, lets have a look at what happens when people are dosed with lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD):

Hmm. So don’t do drugs when you have important business to attend to (war, for example.) Got it. But what if you have something less important to do, like be on time for lunch? Well, research indicates that drugs slow down the internal mechanisms that make it possible to keep track of time. In our next video, scientists dosed rats with cocaine and marijuana to evaluate how their sense of time was affected:

So, you see, if you have an appointment, you should not do drugs since you won’t show up at the right time. Also, if you have pet rats, you shouldn’t drug them or they’ll be late for lunch.

Also, there is no reason they had to do that test on animals, I have a dozen friends who would volunteer for that experiment. Oh, but if the test subjects knew anything about what was going on, it would skew the results. Hmm…


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