Friday Night Creature Feature: Jurassic Park

This week on the feature, we’re talking a little about a movie that seemed to get everything right at the time, but apparently had a lot of stuff that may have been wrong.  Jurassic Park was seen as a triumph when it came out, but the creatures in the movie are actually quite inaccurate, and changes in the scientific consensus have made the movie interesting.

The biggest inaccuracy in the movie is that none of the dinosaurs have feathers, which is now seen as a pretty common trait in the dinosaur world.  Especially the more “avian” looking species, at least one of the gallimimus, t-rex, or velociraptors would have probably had some sort of plumage.  However, this could be explained away as another effect of the frog DNA that was inserted into the genetic strands of the dinosaurs.  Not a great explanation, but interesting.

Several of the species have been found to differ from their counterparts, no more so than the velociraptor.  Velociraptors, as a species, were most likely around 3-4 feet tall, and while they had some intelligence, there is no evidence other than speculative that they were intelligent pack hunters.  However, Utahraptor, named for the dig site where it was found, was closer to the movie’s seven feet tall, and had a very similar body shape.  So, once again, there could be an explanation for it.

But, all in all, this movie is just too good as a movie for you not to love it.  It has everything you could want, dinosaurs, action, paleontology, and Samuel L. Jackson.  So, everyone, hold on to your butts, and watch:


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