Lisa Frank Wasn’t On Drugs, She Just Saw This Crab

Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Somehow all these bursts of wild colors, top hats, monocles, rainbows, and sparkles made sense to me as a kid. Now, even as a kind of artsy-type adult, I cannot understand how Lisa Frank products came to be. How does one imagine such colorful animals/backgrounds/foregrounds? I don’t think I could dream something like what she comes up with and I’ve had Benadryl Dreams.

If you take Benadryl and watch Alien, you're gunna have a bad time.

Well, now we know from where she must draw her inspiration. It’s the real world crab recently discovered doing crab stuff in the Philippines. It’s even adorably sticker-sized (one to two inches wide)


...and Contrast.

Now, I’m just a bad person. Accusing that poor woman of taking drugs and being insane when she just went to the Philippines and brought the vibrant, tropical-colored world to my trapper keepers. I could learn a lot from her.

I'm just jealous cause this isn't my life.

What’s that? You want more psychodelically colored animals? LET’S DO THIS.




That’s right. It’s man. The most colorful of them all.


2 comments on “Lisa Frank Wasn’t On Drugs, She Just Saw This Crab

  1. really like your blog!
    this reminds me of sleepovers and my lisa frank thermos, and my 2nd grade visit to the aquarium where I saw an octopus poop – it was purple because of something in the water- yes, a long shooting stream of purple – I will never forget it 🙂

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