PODCAST: Happy New Year (Western not Lunar), Alligator Robbery, and the Uprising of the Lizards

What day is it? Why it is New Years Day, Sir! Then it is not too late! IT’S NOT TOO LATE!  Why am I doing a Scrooge about a new podcast?  Because I should have put this up yesterday, but I was too busy getting my drink on.

In this podcast, we discuss lots of stuff, drink a couple of beers, and even talk about why we didn’t have lots of podcasts this year!  It’s like a Christmas-y miracle, but more boring and less miraculous!

I’m just sitting here, waiting for this thing to stop processing so I can post this, and trying to think up clever things to say.  It’s not working.  Does anybody know a song?  Just whatever you can belt out.  Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that my heart will go onnnnnnnnnnnn!



Podcast: Denying Mermaids, Cee-Lo’s Cock…atoo, Lonesome George Isn’t Lonesome Any More

Rest In Peace, Lonesome George, may your journey be devoid of pesky tortoise chicks, full of god-fearing merpeople, and sprinkled with mangled feathers. Don’t worry because Chris’ friend’s obese cat will meet you in Animal Heaven shortly.

Sounds like a sadcast, but trust me it’s not.



Have an animal anecdote or shout out? Let us know and we will do it hard on the next codpast, people.

Podcast: Baby Rhinos, Baby-making Whales and Ugliest Dog Fraud

Aren’t you tired of the same dog breed monopolizing the competition? What would Benji think? Also, do humpback whales have any shame? Listen and contemplate your own thoughtful answers.

Podcast: Spider Snow, Dogs in Snow, and That Was Almost An Hour?

We’re talking about Microraptors, Spider silk that looks like snow, and the Iditarod today.  Listen, won’t you.

At the end, we have Jake’s This Week in Animal History!

Podcast: Bite Your Face Off, Koala STDs, and Bitey, the Catholic Dog

This week, we are talking about why koala’s don’t believe in safe sex. We also are discussing Urian, the dog that bit Pope. (Further research indicates that Cardinal Wolsey never actually went to Rome. Also, Urian was the name of Anne Boleyn’s dog, not Wolsey’s. But Wolsey was certainly born in this week in animal history.)

Podcast: Robbie on Romney, Shatner’s Gorilla Bad Touch, and Future Zoos, OF THE FUTURE!

Animal News: The Podcast is ready to go.  Are you?

Thanks to guest correspondent Robbie!

This is Koko signing either shame or pink. We'll let you decide.

Podcast: Super Bowl Predicting Animals, Mink Sonar, and Hangovers, So Please Listen Quietly.

Hey guys, welcome to Animal News: The Hangover-cast.  We’re pretty hung over today, so we’re softly, slowly, holding you closer, tiny dancer.  Enjoy!

Podcast: Back in Black, Astrology, and The Swelling of the Dragon

We talked all about the Lunar New Year, how the dragon swells, why the extinct bird-things are back in black, and Kristin’s antiplug.

Also we talk about the indignant responses to this video:

Podcast: Kristin’s Spray-Painted Bird Quiz, The Swamp, and Anti-plugging Beyonce

We’re talking about stuff today.  Stuff and things.  You should listen to it.

Podcast: Ghostopus, Feces and Dead Fish Raining From The Sky, and “It’s an Anti-plug, Don’t Do It!”

We’re talking about snub nosed monkeys, lost worlds, and marine snow today.

Animal News: the Podcast, approved by Oliver Geology.