Past Podcasts.

Have a listen, why don’t you?

Robbie on Romney, Shatner’s Gorilla Bad Touch, and Future Zoos, OF THE FUTURE!

Moanin’ Paul, Whalesploitation, and Cat Bread

Super Bowl Predicting Animals, Mink Sonar, and Hangovers, So Please Listen Quietly

Back in Black, Astrology and the Swelling of the Dragon

Kristin’s Spray Painted Bird Quiz, The Swamp, and Anti-plugging Beyonce

Ghostopus, Feces and Dead Fish Raining From The Sky, and “It’s an Anti-plug, Don’t Do It!”

Jake’s Attacking Headlines, Jake’s History, and Kristin’s Anti-plug (Matt didn’t do anything.)

Christmasode, Nativity, and The Two Lice Watching Over Jesus

Beelines, Owl Surgery, and Jinx, I owe Kristin, Three Cokes

Baby Bird Vomit, Tycho’s Moose, and Getting Blitzed

Nicodemus the friendly octopus, Man eaters, and Lions in Elephant Trains

Chuck Darwin, English Type Man and His Boat, The Beagle

Headlines, Turkeys, Turkey, Turks and Turkeys, and Anti-Thanksgiving

Steamboat Willie, Mouse-story,and Mousequiz

Whalesplosion, Dead (Animal) Body Disposal, and Your Local Taxidermist’s Commercials

The Bee-tlefield, Graboids and Jaws and Cujo, and Zombie Preparedness

Dogs… In… Space…, Pet Costumes,and Halloween (Oh Yeah, and Mark Wahlberg)

The Pony Express, American Legends, and RAWHIDE

Whales, Tales, and Toothpaste-like Milk

Newsdown 2 : Conveniently Arranged Ichthyosaurs

Monkeys, Racism, and Incredibly Distracting Theme Songs

Penguins, Polls, and Adorable Movies

Elephants, Hangings, and Training


Jeju, Cockspert, and Dog Hairstyles

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Animals (Oh my?)

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore Interview

Mom, Dogs, and Cremation

PETA, Movies, and Arachnophobia

Parasites, Wasps, and Zombies

Bees, Puns, and Poney

Turtle bombing, Falconry, and Bird Self-Reflection

Horses, Milk, and Dirt

Monkey Suits, Scopes, and Evolution


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