Tuesday Video Lunch: WHAT?!

For all the times we’ve mentioned it on the Podcast, it is amazing that we hadn’t posted the following video earlier. So often our conversation has drifted to the topic of a couple dozen Japanese giant hornets killing 30,000 honey bees in a single attack. It is this sort of insane destruction that makes the Japanese giant hornet the stuff of nightmares. They are terrifying monsters and that is why they are so awesome and so appropriate for this week’s Video Lunch.

But something we never mentioned was that the native Japanese honey bees have a bizarre defensive mechanism that helps them fight off the hornets. If the bees can capture an advance scout hornet, they will engulf it and vibrate to raise their body temperatures, killing the hornet by overheating it. A recent study has shown increased activity in a specific section of the bees’ brains when they are engaged in their defensive ball, perhaps acting as a timer so the bees know when to turn down the heat.

I particularly enjoy the Gone With The Wind style shots of the dead and dying bees writhing on the ground.


Podcast: The Bee-ttlefield, Graboids and Jaws and Cujo, and Zombie Preparedness

Animal News: The Podcast is the reason for the season.  And that season is a season filled with Animal Horror Movies, bees turning the tides of battle, and Zombies.

You know, Halloween Season.

Open Season.


Bees, Puns and Poney

Today, we’re talking about Bees, Puns and also, Bee Puns.

Hope you enjoy it!