Check Parasite Sources, Get Grossed Out

Hey, listeners/readers, I’m sorry at being a terrible journalist. I can do all the homework in the world and still reference facts without names or sources. So, here’s more than you could want from the very podcast released this week on Parasites.

1. Hookworms, not tapeworms, are why we have 6 foot deep holes in outhouses. Which is interesting as its own sentence but the story behind it is even better. Something about hookworms making southerners lazy. There’s a fun diagram of a hookworm’s life cycle.

2. Sarlac and Gross Parasite Mouths


Well, sure. One of them is significantly smaller than the other but is that really a comfort to anyone? I can’t deal with rows of teeth. But just in case you are in dire need of nightmare fodder, here are more parasite mouths.


3. Hookworms alleviate symptoms of severe allergies and asthma and MS symptoms. The idea is to only use a few and to carefully monitor then purge them every once and awhile.

4. Guy with botfly in his head and the god awful cures for getting rid of ugly, hideous, nasty botflies. It’s important to note that it’s the botfly larva in one’s head, not an adult – does that make any difference at all? No? Ok, also, I could have put up videos and more photos but after looking this stuff up for awhile, I don’t think I could manage to watch all the botfly related horror on youtube.

5. Parasites have insanely complex life cycles – Parasite zombifies rats and possibly humans to make them love cats like crazy (cat ladies).

This shit is bananas.

6.Kimchi is very, very active.

Thank god it’s on our side. There’s a lot going on here.

That should cover everything and now my skin is crawling and I’m writing this before going to bed obviously because I want to experience my very first night terror.