Podcast: Whalesplosion, Dead (Animal) Body Disposal, and Your Local Taxidermist’s Commercials

Animal News: The Podcast is on, won’t you listen, and be my neighbor, and render your animals down into various industrial solvents?

Because that is what we’re talking about today.

Rendering animals.





More Owls

Even though I had JUST seen Harry Potter, I completely forgot about the significance and juicy roles for owls in that series.

Delving more throughly into my Owls in the Media research, I came across this clip from a Japanese TV show. This clip demonstrates that even while trying appear as a something fairly innocuous(in this case, a frickin tree), owls can’t help be betray their inner badassary.

If you didn’t watch that, White-face Scops Owl defends itself by either fluffing its feathers up peacock-style or assuming a long, pointy looking cat-shape that’s supposed to look like a tree. Supposed to look like a tree but looks like a demon.

There’s also this owl gif

Just try to not not watch it.

Animal Extras: Hipster Owls and Falconry


In the podcast we had mentioned owls rather briefly as poor but interesting candidates for falconry training. I (Kristin) may have referred to the jadedness of hipster owls getting in the way of the owls’ path to training success. I was all thinkin’, owls have these unique bird facial expressions -birdspressions, if you will – that make them too cool for falcon school.

But, as is turning out to be usual, I was wrong.


Although falcons and hawks seem to lack the capability to make the “smiling eyes” or “smize” taught to owls by Tyra Banks, they can generate some fairly expressive faces that lend themselves to a few memes.

Behold, your new favorite word.

And so it seems like a shame that hawks and falcons get all the cool parts in movies when owls are the ones with the talent. I can only think of two famous-ish owls on tv – the Tootsie Roll owl (jerk) and the owl, Owl, from Winnie the Pooh (lame). There’s the giant one from The Secret of Nimh…which is one of the most terrifying animated animals ever.

Where are the juicy owl parts?