Tuesday Video Lunch: Hot Springs Eternal

As part of a comprehensive plan to provide more consistent and higher quality content, we at Animal News: The Podcast Blog bring you our newest regular feature: Tuesday Video Lunch. Every Tuesday, we will present an interesting and educational video which may or may not be related to our discussions on the Podcast or the headlines of the day. So, without further ado:

It seems that the discovery of new marine life at hot vents is quite the trend recently. On the last episode of the prodcast we told you about the newly discovered hot vents in the Antarctic. What we didn’t tell you is that just before the beginning of the new year, Reuters reported that British scientists had just returned from were exploring hot vents in the Indian Ocean. Seems they found some pretty sweet new critters there too.

And since today is the first Video Lunch, we have decided to make it a double. The biggest discovery at the hot vents in the Indian Ocean were sea cucumbers, so it might be worthwhile to study them inside and out. In this clip, the narrator tells us all about the sea cucumber’s “intimate friend.” There is no word yet on whether the hot vent sea cucumbers have “butt-buddies” of their own.