Podcast: Peeing on Frogs, Bird Head Pulltabs, and Chicken Saviors

We’re talking about plagues, insane people, chickens yelling.  You know, the usual.


Podcast: Super Bowl Predicting Animals, Mink Sonar, and Hangovers, So Please Listen Quietly.

Hey guys, welcome to Animal News: The Hangover-cast.  We’re pretty hung over today, so we’re softly, slowly, holding you closer, tiny dancer.  Enjoy!

Podcast: Back in Black, Astrology, and The Swelling of the Dragon

We talked all about the Lunar New Year, how the dragon swells, why the extinct bird-things are back in black, and Kristin’s antiplug.

Also we talk about the indignant responses to this video:

PODCAST: Chuck Darwin, English Type Man, and His Boat, The Beagle

Chuck Darwin wrote a book.  We’ll tell you about the book, about evolution, about what we think and how we feel, and you will listen… if you know what is good for you.

Thanks for listening… or else!

Turtle bombing, Falconry, and Bird Self-Reflection

New episode of Animal News: The Podcast. Check out The Modern Apprentice for more about Falconry.

Hope you like it, leave a comment.

Horses, Milk and Dirt

Explicit content in a new episode of Animal News: The Podcast in both content and in that the buzzing sound is explicitly annoying. Sorry everybody, I’m going to work on it and see if I can correct some of the buzzing.

Thanks to Maggie for joining us!

Monkey Suits, Scopes and Evolution

The first episode of Animal News, the Podcast is up. It’s long, just so you know.