Podcast: Spider Snow, Dogs in Snow, and That Was Almost An Hour?

We’re talking about Microraptors, Spider silk that looks like snow, and the Iditarod today.  Listen, won’t you.

At the end, we have Jake’s This Week in Animal History!


Animals Nobody Loves (Unless They’re in Plush Form)

As a teacher and an animal enthusiast, I’m always excited to come across a book that both gets my students wanting to practice their English and teaches them bout some animals.

That's quite enough spider faces for one week, isn't it folks?

As a bonus, the boys in my class get SO VERY excited about this book that they feel the need to try and scare me with it every chance they get.I hate spider faces so the cover alone makes me wanna burn the book immediately but I persevere for the sake of education or whatever.

And, what kind of example would I be setting if I promoted murdering ugly animals? Even the ugliest of endangered animals deserve our conside-  I can stop there, actually, because a number of…let’s call them ‘artists’ have set to work erasing the stigma on these hideous creatures by making plushes of them.

These are toys every child should own…but, you know, not my child.

Some of those may not be real animals but they are all real plush representatives and I want them all (Except the lemur. Sorry, Matt). I don’t know what I’d do with them, but I want them all.

Memorable -ish Moments from Animal Movies

For us anyway. Did you maybe have trouble following some of our crazed description of supposedly famous movie clips from supposedly famous movies? My memory is pretty awful so I can understand that. I’m evidently in a video posting mood so here are some clips we referenced in the last podcast about our favorite and least favorite animal movies.

Arachnophobia – The first death and the very beginning of this horrible movie. And hey, you can apparently watch the whole movie on youtube.


Dumb and Dumber – Dogs slipping and sliding in the back of the van. It’s about a minute into the intro. I forgot about this scene but I’m sure PETA wasn’t happy about it.


Harry and the Hendersons– The love hate relationship with this thing. It’s not really an animal movie per se but that’s fine.


Caddyshack – Gopher puppet. It doesn’t look even a little real but maybe that’s the point? If it looked too real, we might feel too guilty about laughing at all the attempts to pretty cruelly end its life.


Rescuers Down Under – The part with the huge frickin eagle. Is this part really that good or was the rest of Rescuers just really sub par? Unfortunately, I think that latter is true.

Also. “Albatross?! We don’t have room for an albatross!”

Only in Australia would a fly be that strong.


All Dogs Go to Heaven – Except when they don’t. What you have is a really lovely kids’ movie interjected with this godawful nightmare of hellfire, torture, and so, so many demons.


I really wanna find a clip from Beethoven with all the gun testing but I refuse to watch that whole movie again. So, just trust me when I say it’s pretty messed up.