Can you teach a dog to be racist? and other Internet Concerns

Really, internet?

So, K and I decided that tonight, we would go searching through the abyss that is you internet, to find posts of questionable validity and obviously zero research.  We found a goldmine, at Yahoo Answers.  Sometimes, the questions were good.

Well, as long as you have a reason.

Good call not stopping after "I had a dream last night."

or rape? I don't think that means what you think it means.

Sometimes, there were questions with answers.

I think we all learned something about you, pervert.

A beautiful, majestic creature finally gets railed like it should.

Yes, that child's beloved pet has been hyperburned by you.

And sometimes, we just found good answers.

Thank you for your concern.

Hey! Thanks for backing up your argument so well!

I've heard of that wasp. That wasp hunts that man to this day.

We quite enjoyed doing this.  If you find any, or want us to find some more next week, please, let us know in the comments.


Parasites, Wasps and Zombies

New Animal News: The Podcast is up, about parasites and the bodies that unknowingly carry them everywhere. All the time. Gut Flora, look it up.